Feel free to contact the County Treasurers’ Office with questions or concerns at: 256-2801, 256-2802 or 256-2803. Or, email slong@co.yellowstone.mt.gov. Thank you.

Real Estate
Taxes Due

1st Half - November 30th
2nd Half - May 31st

Personal Property Taxes Due

To be determined

Mobile Home
Taxes Due

1st Half - May 31st
2nd Half - September 30th

Administration & Fees

The office of the Treasurer receives and disburses all monies, as dictated by state law, and records these transactions. The Treasurer, an elected official, reports to the Montana State Department of Revenue on administrative matters while the County Commissioners have budgetary authority.

The office is divided into two groups. One deals with motor vehicle matters, including registrations, title transfers and applications, and the issuance of temporary stickers and permits. The other serves as the general office for activities including receipts from taxes, fees and intergovernmnetal transfers. It also processes disbursements, invests funds, maintains bank accounts, seizes tax delinquent property, handles tax protests, and issues moving permits for mobile homes.

There is a 2% penalty and 5/6 of 1% of interest accumulated monthly if taxes are paid delinquent. This applies to real property, personals, mobile, and farm and ranch.