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On November 15th. 1998 at approximately 8:30PM an 18 year old female identified as Miranda Fenner was found injured in the parking lot of the store she worked at in Laurel, Montana. The injuries to Ms. Fenner proved to be fatal. Ms. Fenner was the lone employee at a Video Rental store and was apparantly accosted by an unknown person or persons between the hours of 8:00PM and the time she was found. This unidentifed person(s) is suspected of causing the fatal injuries to Ms. Fenner. The suspect(s) remain unidentified and at large. If you have information regarding this case please contact the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office Detective Division at (406) 256-2939.

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 At approximately 3:30 AM on January 16, 2000, the body of Jeannette "Charlie" Atwater was found in the trunk of her burning vehicle. Charlie's vehicle was a 1987 Oldsmobile with Mt. license number 3P-144Y. Charlie was last seen about 1:00 AM at the Players Club at 231 Main Street. 

The man in this photograph may have information important to the investigation of this crime. He was driving a vehicle matching the vehicle composite shown. This is possibly an 80's vintage vehicle. If you are the man in the photograph or you recognize the vehicle or the man in the photograph, please call the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office at 406-256-2929 or Crimestoppers at 406-245-6660.