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Mission Statement

To speak for those who cannot speak for themselves by seeking answers and justice for victims and their families.

The Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office established its Cold Case Unit in 2012 to systematically review unsolved homicide cases dating back to 1973.  The unit focuses its resources on those cases with the highest probability of being solved with fresh leads and new forensic technologies.  In many cases, biological evidence is still present allowing recent advances in DNA testing to bring those responsible to justice. 

The CCU is comprised of Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office Detectives, retired investigators, Reserve Deputies, a crime analyst and forensic experts.  Information that at one time may have seemed insignificant could prove to be the missing element in solving an open case when combined with new tips and leads.   The public is urged to submit any information they feel may be important to a case, and information may be submitted anonymously. 

In every case, there is someone in our community who holds information which may be significant in solving a case.  Relationships change over time and many cold cases are solved when a former witness, friend or relative is located who is tired of hiding information that may bring a killer to justice.  New forensic tools that may not have existed when the original crime occurred are now available to locate evidence that was previously thought to be undetectable.  The CCU reviews all original case data with fresh eyes and viewpoints.  This may disclose gaps and leads which were overlooked or missed when the case was fresh.  New national databases may connect local homicides with other cases across the country.

The Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Unit may be contacted by calling 406-869-3530 or by email at   


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