Election Information
****** ATTENTION VOTERS ******

LR 129, the "Ballot Interference Prevention Act" (BIPA) passed in the November 2018 election. All Montana elections must now comply with the requirements of the BIPA.

Compliance Information

With the new law, Montanans maintain the right to decide how and when to return their ballot but should be aware of the new ballot collection requirements:

1. Any unauthorized person who picks up and delivers another person's ballot, or a person who drops off ballots without registering with an election administrator, will be assessed a $500 penalty per ballot.

2. Ballots can only be picked up and dropped off only by authorized persons. Authorized persons include people with these relationships to a voter:

     i. Caregiver
     ii. Family
     iii. Household
     iv. Acquaintance

3. Authorized persons can drop off a maximum of six ballots per election. Any ballots delivered in excess of six ballots may be assessed a $500 penalty per ballot.

4. A ballot collector who delivers ballots to an election administrator's office or a designated polling place must register their name and contact information, along with each voter's name, mailing address, and the voter's relationship to the collector. Registry options will be available at ballot drop boxes.

5. The following groups are excluded from restrictions on ballot collections:

     i. Election officials, and
     ii. US postal service workers or other individuals specifically authorized by law to transmit US mail.

- Commissioner of Political Practice's BIPA Policy 5.0
- Secretary of State's BIPA Election Directive
- Ballot Collection Registry form

Municipal General* - Tuesday, November 5th
Close of Registration - Monday, October 7th
Start of Late Voter Registration (In Person Only): Tuesday, October 8th
Ballots Mailed: October 18th
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Sample Ballot

*Elections may be cancelled due to lack of candidates and ballot issues

General Information

The Election Department administers the maintenance of the voter registration files, candidate filings and all aspects of the election process. Additionally, information is available concerning upcoming election dates, polling places and the results of current elections. Of primary emphasis and concern is making voter registration and the process of voting as simple and accessible as possible.


Voter registration cards will be mailed out if requested, can be downloaded from this site or completed in the office. Cards are also available in the telephone book, Montana tax booklets and state agencies. Absentee ballot requests can also be mailed out upon request or downloaded and upon our receipt of this signed document a ballot will be mailed to the elector.


Registered voters can obtain precinct and polling place information by clicking on "Registered Voter Info" to the left, or the image above. The link will take you to the State of Montana's site and request your basic voter information for searching.