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Yellowstone County
Sandbag Distribution Policy
Policy No. 96-5 


1. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that sandbags are available to Yellowstone 
    County  and cities within the County to adequately respond to flooding emergencies 
    or  disasters. The secondary purpose is to assist private citizens by making 
    sandbags available to protect private property.

2. The County Disaster & Emergency Services (D.E.S.) office will maintain a supply 
     in Yellowstone County of approximately 5,000 - 10,000 sandbags.

3. The first priority for distributing sandbags will be to government agencies for 
    the protection of public property within the County, e.g. roads, bridges, water or 
    sewer plants, etc. There will be no charge to these agencies and unused bags can 
    be returned.

4. For the protection of public property, a minimum of 5,000 sandbags will always be 
    on hand. Sandbags over the minimum amount will be available to private citizens.

5. Sandbags will be sold to private citizens at the County's cost per bag plus 5¢/bag 
    for administration / handling / storage. Unused bags can be returned for 
    credit. Transportation is the responsibility of the citizen. New replacement bags of 
    similar quality will also be accepted as reimbursement.

6. The D.E.S. Coordinator will use his/her best judgement on distribution of the sandbags 
    to ensure an equitable distribution based on the need to protect life, property, and 
    the environment, in that order. Appeals can be forwarded to the Board of 
    County Commissioners.

7. Used sandbags cannot be returned and will not be accepted as replacements.