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Clerk of District Court cannot accept cash in sums over $2500.00. If you are paying a fine, fee or bond for an amount over $2500.00 it will need to be in the form or a money order, cashier's check or credit card.

The fees of clerk of district court (MCA* 25-1-201). (1) The clerk of the district court shall collect the following fees:

At the commencement of each action or proceeding from the plaintiff or petitioner
(Includes Paternity and Invalidity of Marriage)


At the commencement of each petition for dissolution


At the commencement of each Petition for Legal Separation


At the commencement of each Petition for Adoption


For filing a petition for contested Amendment of Parenting Plan


For filing a Complaint in Intervention, by the intervenor


For the appearance of each defendant or each respondent


For filing a Foreign Judgment


For the entry or renewal of Judgment, from prevailing party


For filing and docketing: Transcript of Judgment


For filing and docketing: Confession of Judgment


For filing a civil appeal from a lower court:... Justice and City Court


For filing a civil appeal from a lower court:... Small Claims Court


For filing a transfer from another county


For transmission of records or files or transfer of a case to another court
(Includes removals to Federal District Court and forwarding appeals to Supreme Court)


For all writs of execution, writs of assistance and orders of sale


For a substitution of judge (Charge governmental agencies - excluding criminal cases)


For registering a process server (Fee is $100.00 plus $5.00 for county-generated ID card)


For oath or jurat with seal


For authenticated or exemplified copies


For certification with a seal


For searching court records

$2.00 per name per year up to seven (7) years; $1.00 per name each additional year

For preparing general copies

$1.00 per page for first ten (10) pages; $.50 per page each additional page

For sending email copies 

.25 per page

For preparing a copy of a dissolution decree


For preparing a copy of a marriage license


For formal/informal probate, guardianship or conservatorship case when commenced
(Includes filing of the will; Ancillary with Montana letter issued)


For Probate, Foreign P. R. with certificate


For Marriage License/Declaration of Marriage


For preparing and certifying a transcript of judgment



*Montana Code Annotated


While the Clerk of District Court's office is pleased to assist you in any way possible, please understand that we are unable to provide legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney.